Saguaro's Community Kitchen

We are building Saguaro’s new community kitchen, the first and only on Tucson’s Eastside. We are building on the growing need of the thousands of working families who can’t feed their kids or get ahead in life. More than that, we are building on years of experience and partnerships in feeding the multitudes. This is what love looks like. 


The idea all started around a table…

Our current kitchen is hanging on by a thread. It is time for a new kitchen and has been for a while. Saguaro needs it for the life of our people. We already function as a community kitchen, but there is so much more that we can achieve and do with a new kitchen and a broader purpose; our community wants to help too.

Already, our partners are dreaming new dreams of how to eliminate hunger and food insecurity on our side of town. There are visions of working, low income families learning a new culinary trade as their children receive tutoring. There are hopes of seniors learning healthy eating habits and cooking skills on fixed incomes as they share in fellowship together. There are visions of how tables are set in new and imaginative ways. The possibilities are abundant.

Our goal for this project is $600,000. Together we will do amazing ministry and we are so grateful for your partnership. We need your financial help these next one to three years and we have some suggestions.


Goal: $600,000

$1000 denominations

Key Features

Saguaro's new kitchen is designed as an answer to several challenges. The most obvious is that our current kitchen is hanging on by a thread. It is limited in space, storage and usage. Our feeding programs are spread over three rooms and we are structurally unable to increase our present partnerships within the community and/or develop new ones.

Updated Hospitality

Saguaro's new kitchen, fellowship hall and multipurpose rooms will be aesthetically beautiful. The stunning existing features are brought back to life. This project creates the perfect back drop for special events, anniversaries, birthdays and community celebrations.

Enhanced Partnerships

Saguaro already functions as a community kitchen, feeding hundreds of people each month. We will use this new kitchen to expand our partnerships and feed thousands of people each month. This intentional design will address the root causes of hunger and food insecurity and help transform lives.

Dual Use

Saguaro's new community kitchen is uniquely designed to facilitate multiple occupants at one time. SICP can function uninterrupted and we can simultaneously host local meetings, food startups, cooking classes or Saguaro church events.

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